About Us

The journey of "SITAL LEASING AND FINANCE LTD" is established in 1983. The company has incorporated on 10th October, 1983 at the Delhi and initially the company has started operation in the sale/purchase of equity shares in Delhi. It has come a long way of remarkable growth of the company.
As on date, the Sital Leasing and Finance Limited, is a RBI registered Non-Banking Financial Company categorised as NDSI-ICC and listed public company at Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India Limited. It is a company with a fresh new approach both in Traditional and Emerging Financial Markets. The company is duly managed by a strong team of professionals and experienced Board of Directors & promoters. The company is led by experienced Managing Director Mr. Surendra Kumar Jain, who has more than 25 years of experience in the banking & financial sector.

The Sital Leasing and Finance Limited is poised for rapid growth. The Unique Experience and insight of its Management allows the company to discover new opportunities and reveal their true potential. Growth and money cannot sustain an organization for as long as uniqueness and excellence can. Keeping this in mind Sital Leasing and Finance Limited delivers value and commitment based on highest professional standards.

The Sital Leasing and Finance Limited is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company aims to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for continual improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement. The company has experienced and knowledgeable team of financial professionals, who first understands the insight of market behaviour, market strategies, and then guide the customers through every stage to the final stage of implementation.

We have years of experience in providing business financial services to our clients. Our experts carefully analyse the current situation and accordingly prepare the project reports. Loan arrangement needs are also well taken care by us including cash credit limit, term loan and project loan. We also offer due diligence for finance and valuation of shares.

  • Preparation of project report
  • Loan arrangement- Cash credit limit, Term loan & Project loan
  • Due diligence for finance
  • Valuation of shares

Sital pools resources from many investors and invests substantially in various asset classes and security instruments. The company collects funds from multiple investors. The company will earn returns on its portfolio in interest, dividends, etc. These returns are then forwarded to the individual investors, based on their share of the total investment fund.
The Company utilizes structured finance products to provide cost-effective forms of financing that would not otherwise be readily available to clients, with an emphasis on providing long-term finance and trading solutions. The company has a wide Range of Products catering to different segments and meeting varied requirements of the customers.

Vision, Mission & Objectives

In this changing global scenario and transformation into the Digitalisation in the Financing Business in the Indian economy, “Sital Leasing And Finance Ltd” has evolved the following future directions for itself:-


We work hard every day, to be the premier centre of excellance for financing business.


“We must progress as individual, as a company as a truely meaningful organisation that is honest, fair, in all its dealings by providing wide range of financial services to all, for building a better life”.


The Company focuses on achieving long-term capital growth while preserving shareholders' capital. Capital is allocated to internally and externally manage quoted equities, unquoted direct investments and unquoted fund investments, as well as real assets, absolute return & credit, government bonds and currency.

  • To deliver long-term capital growth, while preserving shareholders' capital.
  • To invest without the constraints of a formal benchmark, but to deliver for shareholders increases in capital value in excess of the relevant indices over time

Line of Business :

“SLFL” being a registered NBFC with RBI has been primarily engaged into (a) Investing in equity/securities of listed and unlisted companies and (b) Lending activities.

“SLFL” gives loans against shares / liquid securities, promoter funding, short/medium/long term corporate loans to SME and Mid-size corporate with or without security.

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